Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creating Planting Space

Yesterday was one of the most exhausting days I've ever had.  I'm super sore in my arms, shoulders and legs, I feel like I ran a marathon.  Maybe I should work out before I do any heavy gardening.  I had a shovel in my hand all day but boy did I get some things accomplished!

I found this small area on the side of driveway #2.  I thought to myself, that would be a great place to put some flowers, we never use the driveway and it's right on the patio. I had no idea this tiny area would end up being such a huge job.  Turns out it's full of rock.

I spend at least two hours trying to sort out the rock.  At least the dirt is pretty okay and not pure sand like there is everywhere else.  However it was a much bigger project than I had in mind.

After a few hours and tired dirty hands, this is the outcome.  I ran back to the new house and grabbed some plants I though would look nice there.  I ended up with all of my pansy's (yellow, purple, black and a mixture) and 3 lupine plants.  In this picture it looks like I killed my lupine but I promise you they have perked up since and it looks like they will be spending a long and happy life there. 

 By this time it was probably around 1 or 2 pm and I decided to start my other huge job, creating planting space around the curve of the patio.  My fiance had the idea, which is great!  So here's the before and almost after:

I'm obviously not done yet but my hands hurt too much and it was 7:30 by the time I got to this point.  Another issue is that the dirt is so sandy and I bought some good dirt last night but I'm going to need to get rid of my sandy soil somehow. Not sure how you go about disposing of dirt/sand.

 On a less exhausting note, there are some pretty things going on in the garden and some tasty things at my old house.
Today I plan to go to the community garden.  I drove by last night and there are plots already planted so I'm guessing it's been open for at least a week but no one told me.  Oh well, this is the first weekend I could plant it anyways.  I cannot wait to get over there!


  1. "Not sure how you go about disposing of dirt/sand."

    If you have more than a yard or so, put it on Craigslist as fill, and cross your fingers. Someone came with a pickup and took the 2-3 yards of landscaping rocks from my driveway last year to use as backfill.

    I also have a big pile of rocks and sand sitting behind my compost bin under a pine tree. The pine tree doesn't seem to care, it's hidden, and when there's enough I'll try to pawn it off as fill again.

    "I spend at least two hours trying to sort out the rock."

    If you have to do this again, I built a 2 foot x 2 foot wooden frame and tacked some wire fencing (1cm square holes) across it. I would throw a shovel full or two on it, then shake it, and the rocks of course would stay on the frame. It's a good workout but maybe less tedious than picking rocks. Easy to build, or you could borrow mine.

  2. That's an amazing idea. I'm going to have more to do from the side of the house eventually so that would be wonderful! I'll let you know if I'll need it.