Monday, May 9, 2011

Mid May Approaches

It seems April is finally here even though it is in fact mid May. Lots of rain in the last few days and more to come. Good for the plants of course, not so good for my mood or outside chores. We did however have a nice day on Saturday and I spent most of it outside with the neighbor pulling out weeds, transplanting my hostas to his bare spots and tidying up the yard. Unfortunately any work I do outside in my yard is fairly pointless as we are leaving it in 2 weeks where I will have to start all over tidying up a brand new yard. I just can't help it, it's like a sickness.
I step outside to take out the garbage and spot a weed in a place where it shouldn't be so I pull it. Then on the way inside I see another and another and before you know it, I've walked around the entire yard and now have a giant pile of weeds for the compost. Then I start moving plants around, gifting things to the neighbor and potting up some more valuable plants. At least I got some things accomplished.

I did get some productive things done inside as well. I did some packing for the big move and finally transplanted my peppers and some hollyhocks that were overtaking their space.

I apologize for not posting pictures, I was convinced I would do that this weekend but boy was I busy!

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