Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures from the garden

First forming tomato of the season

One of many many peppers

I have two rosebuds on my tiny rose bush that I didn't think would do anything yet this year!

Wildflower, not sure what it is.

Don't know what this guy is either, grows on a 2-3 foot plant with this tiny little bloom.


Can't think of the name of this either, got it last year when it was tiny, then it grew 3/4 it's size and bloomed this year. So cute

Cathedral bells

Cana Lily, only one came up

Calla lily

Beans, Cathedral Bells, Convulvous and Nasturtium

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I just started school so my garden time is limited to the weekend now. But since the last post, I have eaten strawberries, peas and found out which plant I had from February were pansies! The peppers have buds on them, the squash and pumpkin plants are getting huge, corn is coming up, onions started budding(pinched them off as soon as I could). It's no wonder everyone blogs so often about gardening, there is always something going on!

I had mild problems with bunnies or something, maybe squirrels. Also there is a stray cat running around that my boyfriend informed me was using my garden as a play place. I used some chili powder on and around the plants and that seemed to keep them away. I however made the mistake of getting way too much on my muskmelon plant, I went out the next day and it was all droopy. Thinking about it, I definitely could have burned the delicate leaves. Duh Tina... Luckily that plant I bought to replace the gnawed on watermelon had 2 plants in it so the other is doing fine.

Another problem over the last week or so, while one rose bush is starting to take off, producing new shoots, the other has withered leaves and seems to have simple given up. I'm not too heart broken over this, they cost me 4 dollars, I could only expect the worst but I thought I'd try my hand at rose bushes.

Disappointment number 5 (or 6): I planted 3 packets of different sunflowers in my front planting spot where all of my flowers are. Only 7 came up...that is a hugely disappointing number when each packet has about 25 seeds. That's about 9% that germinated. Pathetic if you ask me. This spot is somewhat sandy now that I look at it and also does not have the luxury of getting natural water. It is only about 2 feet wide all the way down the front of the house but in order for it to get water, I'd need to water it myself. The overhang keeps it dry. On another note, I planted 10 or so Dahlia bulbs from Home Depot of which 2 came up. The rest are sitting uselessly in the ground doing nothing. Maybe it's just because they are from Home depot but this back part seems to be cursed. I can't do a whole lot about this now, maybe throw some good soil back there and replant SOMETHING just so it isn't so bare...That's my best option at this point but this late in the season, I wonder if I can still fix my problem.

On a pleasant note (finally), I received my 8 Trillium -white and purple- in the mail yesterday. Originally sold at 5 bucks a pop, I purchased these for 1.50 each. I'm excited to put them in, my shaded area could use some more interesting plants. These will do the trick for sure. Also a good thing, as I was digging and pulling thing out of the garden in early spring, I found an interesting shaped plant that I was unsure about so I left it. Sure enough it turns out to be a lily, the leaves aren't as thick as any that I've seen so I had doubted my decision originally. Good thing I left it though. Unfortunately, I remember pulling one out and thinking maybe that was going to be something. Oh well, I needed to be productive early in the season, at least I got (almost) everything done that I wanted in time even if it means not discovering all of the beauties someone left behind.

I will snap some more pictures soon. Things are coming along nicely. There is only one spot I did not get around to, it was just such a daunting task, especially without a wheelbarrow. Maybe we will still get it to somewhat working condition for next year. Wishful thinking I'm sure, it's pretty late now.