Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm So Anxious!

I can't stand the waiting anymore! We close tomorrow morning, 24 hours from now and though I'm excited to move, all I can think about is gardening! I must have a gardening sickness of some kind, maybe an addiction but I can accept that. Acceptance is good right? Here is my new house, it's glowing!

See the rock I'm talking about. Soon to be all flowers I promise!

I've already planted 2 rose bushes in front of that AC unit in attempts to beautify the curb appeal.
And here's the back yard. .23 Acres

What you don't see is the super long driveway that extends to the very end of the back yard minus a few feet. The more I've visited it, the more I think I'm going to tear that out too.
Here's an idea:

See that trailor back there? Way back there? Yeah the driveway continues on another 8 feet or so.

How sad. But it will be my future raised garden bed (or 4) whether I tear it up or not. So, good things to come. Oh my gosh I can't wait!
I tore out my purple clematis last night, lots of work untangeling it from the lattice and other viney thingamagigs but I think I did okay, and only pulled off maybe three of four leaves in the process. It had to be done though, they are my favorite. Or one of my favorites anyhow. The plant is about...well taller than me so over 5 feet!

I did some last minute weeding as well so the neighbors don't hate us. And gave a quick flower lesson to my sister. I guess I did some productive things last night, just not exactly what I'd like to be doing.

24 hours!

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