Friday, May 13, 2011

Gloomy Weekend Weather

Another weekend without sun, I'm surprised my plants are doing anything at this point. What a bummer, I could use a trip to Florida right now.

I actually got some things moved to the new house last night. Not as much as I had hoped but some is better than none. It was cold and wet and sprinkling and I'm sure I looked questionable at a house that has been mostly unoccupied for a year. Some young girl trudging around the yard in an oversized hoodie with a garden tool and some tiny plants.

At the new house there are rocks instead of mulch, with a complete landscaping fabric layer, something I have never had to work with and I'm not sure I like it. I feel like it limits my planting creativity because every plant takes careful placement planning. I've gotten used to my way of throwing things in the ground and just seeing how it looks. Now it is very difficult to just plant one small plant.

I discovered a raised patch in the back yard. Not sure how I missed this before because it's great but I have found it now. It is very overgrown at the moment but once we get in there, I will clean it up, add some new dirt and plant away. It is right up against the back fence so I will probably end up putting my clematis there, maybe some grapes eventually. I temporarily planted some carnations and Pam's Choice Foxglove. They were looking miserable inside the house and I'm glad I could give them their freedom. I also planted two new rose bushes in the front of the house to hide the AC unit. The owners have a nice white plastic fence to cover it but now it will look even better.

Those glads I planted too early are just starting to poke out of the ground. Maybe I did okay. I was worried because this last winter was the first that I kept gladiolus to plant the next season and hey, I didn't kill them (yet). I'm excited for those, they are my second favorite next to hibiscus. I also noticed big buds forming on my irises, also a big deal for me because they didn't bloom for me last year after transplanting them at a bad time. It seems they forgave me.

I cannot wait for this weekend. I will take some pictures, move some more items and probably make a few more rounds to check out what's growing, blooming, dying etc. It looks like all of this will be in the rain but oh well. It's rain not snow and that's all I can hope for at this point.

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