Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tornado Touch Down

I'm so glad we moved. This all happened at our "old" house today while we were at the new house a few blocks away standing in the garage. I don't have pictures of the backyard but a huge tree split in half and broke through our neighbors fence. This is my front yard:

This is unfortunately my roommates car.

Gotta love tornadoes and minnesota weather. Our street area got the worst of it in Fridley or so it looks. A block over someone lost their roof and we got insulation all the way over at our house and after driving around, it's all over Fridley.

Mild damage to my plants but nothing they won't recover from I hope, though a huge branch took out one or two of my irises.

Hope everyone in the area made it out okay. I know North Minneapolis took quite a big hit too. It's great to see everyone out helping each other and talking to one another. I met a few people in my "old" neighborhood during the process.

Best wishes to all effected by the storm

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