Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sad Day

My gladiolus started to bloom. Unfortunately, my zucchini stopped blooming completely and has made no fruit at all...my pumpkins however did. Not sure how that happened.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July

Things are coming along well! A lot of flowers are about to bloom in the next week or so while others are coming along slowly but surely. I'm so impatient, I just want some instant beauty. One of my rose bushes bloomed with two beautiful but small roses. I am not complaining though, I'm impressed they come up at all. The other bush however seems to have given up on life. I will replace it next year. The bean vines I planted are almost reaching the gutter along the roof. I'm so excited, it looks great. Also the cathedral bells I planted there are doing splendidly. Everything else will come in time. I hope to have more time next year. My busy schedule keeps me out of my garden way too much. I miss it. I have a day or two coming up though that I will make sure to spend in the garden. There is so much to do but with the rain, I have been lucky enough to not have to water often and spend my time out there doing more important things than watering.
The peppers are getting big, and still blooming away. The tomatoes are getting bigger and I swear everyday there is another one growing on those plants. The zucchini started blooming as well as the beans. I have my first white raspberry growing, just waiting for it to gain color. The onion foliage all fell to the ground with the extreme weather we had but they are still growing. I am starting to see the size of the bulbs and I am so excited. That is my most exciting crop (other than the peppers of course). I noticed that my garlic leaves have lost their...life or luster at least. They all seem wilted but possibly it is out of season for them and now they just need to cure. I will pull them and use what I have. Having small garlic cloves is better than having nothing. Harvest season is fast approaching. Excitement in my own backyard!