Thursday, May 12, 2011

Read the Fine Print

I have ordered from many seed/plant companies in the last few years. Most have guarantee's on their products and I have used them many times for dud seeds, dead plants, dormant plants that never wake up, you name it. The one's I have dealt with in the past have a simple process and all I've had to do is shoot them an email decribing what has died and they send me a new plant or give me a credit. Today however I ran into an issue.
I ordered multiple items from Burgess including a red clematis and red, white, and blue hydrangea. The red clematis that I have had now for 2 or 3 weeks has done nothing. It is simply rotting in the pot. As for the hydrandea, my red one of course is wilting away. Not sure what happened there but they both need to be replaced.
I went onto their website this morning to ask for replacements and noticed their note that if you don't have the original mailing label then they won't replace it. Well come on you guys. I've ordered so many plants, do they really think I keep all that organized. I guess I should but I haven't, things have been hectic. So they send me dead plants but if I don't have my original mailing lable I'm out of luck. I feel that is very unfair. I can prove I ordered it and that I received it, heck I'll mail them back the dead plant but they won't replace it? I've got to admit I'm a little ticked.

Eventually I will probably send them a nasty email demanding a refund/replacement and explaining how unfair it is but in the meantime I'll search high and low and see if I can produce said mailing lable.
Wish me luck.

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