Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Wonderful Idea

I got this from Garden Fuss but I needed to include it for anyone who would read this, as well as a reminder for myself next year.

Winter Sowing!!
What an amazing idea. Yes you're somewhat limited on what you can grow with this method but if you're anything like me, you get anxious during the winter to get your hands back in the dirt. Who in Minnesota doesn't hate that feeling of needing to plant something and not being able to? That is one great thing about this winter sowing idea. Another being that you don't have to spend lots of money on seed starting kits. I personally do a LOT of indoor starting and if I can sew some of those outside using this winter sowing method, it will free up a lot of my space which I am quickly running out of.

On another note, the second batch of morning glorys that I started on the 20th have all already emerged along with one of the hollyhock(pink) seeds. This is exciting too because I lost track of which plant was a hollyhock with my first batch(white), now I have something to compare to.
I am anxiously awaiting the budding of the Hibiscus I planted.

This is the most important flower to me this year. It's so special because my boyfriend spotted these beautiful flowers at a house down the road from us and asked the lady what they were. He told me that's what he wanted to grow this year. Being that he is so excited for them, I am even more excited.:) I'm just crossing my fingers that they grow well and beautifully.

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