Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Growth

First Signs of Tulips and a few perennial flowers Today!!!

I bought Flourescent bulbs for the indoor plants(should have done this earlier) because I have noticed things aren't growing very rapidly. I have been gaining more knowledge within the last few weeks than I have in the last 3 years. I want everythign to be essencially perfect this year. It never will be but for the effort I am already putting into this, some results are guaranteed.

I somehow misplaced my package of Big Boy Tomatoes which is a problem for many reasons...I saw them before I was about to start planting them and then when I went to pick them up they had pretty much disapeared. I've searched the whole house and can't find them anywhere. Quite the mystery. They need to be started right about now and I hate to but another package and then find them a day later but I just might have to.

If you are growing tomatoes this year, I suggest you throw a couple extra plants in your garden for this year epecificaly. If you don't read the news, there was a freezing in Florida that ruined basically all of the tomato crops as well as strawberries. My sisters restaraunt isn't purchasing tomatoes until the prices go back down. She told me they went up $50 per case. That makes a huge difference when buying in bulk. Just an idea on how to make a bit of money or AT LEAST help out your family members that are noticing the price increse.

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