Wednesday, March 24, 2010

University of Minnesota Gardening Workshop

The U of M Home Landscaping and Garden Fair---April 10th 8:00-3:30.
I am going to try to convince my boyfriend(new to gardening)to go to this with me. He volunteered to help me this year but knowing very little except how to work with his hands. It would be so beneficial for both of us to go since I too have much learning to do. The schedule includes lots of different classes that would teach us both a lot. Everything from keeping rodents out of your crops, to edible landscaping, to building bird feeders. It's fairly cheap--$45 for 2 people and it's an all day event. Not to mention Andover is only 20 minutes from our house. Him and I reach our one year anniversary next week so I'm thinking it can be part of our date, just a few days late.

I didn't know about the Minnesota Home Patio Show until it was too late. This would be a great alternative with lots of learning.

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