Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Garden

This will be my third year of consecutive gardening. Last year (as well as this year) I grew misc. vegetables and flowers in my yard in Fridley, MN. I started very late last year with very little knowledge of the layout--where the ground is mostly shaded, what kind of soil I had to work with, what was already planted etc. The previous owners of my house left a few goodies behind including 20 or so Tulip bulbs, many daylilly plants, chives, 7 or 8 hostas, ferns, rhubarb and a plant that I am unsure of but looks nice.

* EDIT* I just realized another unidentified plant that was already there, we have a bunch of Iris bulbs behind the garage!!! I am transplanting them the second I get home! :D **

Many areas that are bricked off for planting have been untouched for years, overgrown with weeds and grass making it a huge chore to dig up considering I do not have a rototiller. Regardless, I am taking on more work this year and planting every area I can that gets sun. One of these areas is directly in front of the house which currently filled with ugly, plant/tree/bushes that my boyfriend and I are taking on the task of removing this year. This bed is very large and is one of 2 spots that receives sun all day; making it very valuable space to me.
Here is a list of my successes last year, accompanied by what I attempted but planted too late in the season (again, last years garden was essencially an afterthough, probably not planted until into june):
Succesfull plants:
Jalepeno peppers(all peppers bought started)
Mole peppers
Red/Green bell peppers
Leaf lettuce(multi-colored)
1 large sunflower (many premature, small sunflowers)
Various flowers--no idea what I planted

Peas(caught a disease)
Onions (still growing as we speak)

I would like to start journaling this year so I know what I planted, when I planted and where...Also what works where and what didn't.

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