Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blaine Farmers Market

I have been trying to get involved in my community this spring. I started by contacting Noble Landscaping in Blaine to see about selling my produce and flowers a few times throughout the season at their Farmers Market. There is a waiting list but she informed me there may be a cut flower section this year which I would be able to participate in. After looking over the application form, I noticed a place for Minnesota tax ID (if necessary). This got me wondering if I would need to register for one. I e-mailed the states sales tax office and received a responce to the effect that I would not need to collect or remit taxes on food items however I would need to on flowers sold at retail. I was unsure if "at retail" would include a farmers market since it is not a store or anything of that sort. Also if you make over $500 in a year, you would need to. After more digging, I came upon this Fact Sheet confirming my need to apply for a Minnesota sales tax ID. Oh well, it will make my tax filing much less enjoyable next year, but I would love the experience of meeting other gardeners in the area and having my "own business" if I can even call it that.

I'm thinking about possibly going once or twice to the Minneapolis Farmers Market which is a HUGE get together. They also rent out booths on a day to day basis.

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