Monday, March 22, 2010

60 days until Last Frost Date!

I am getting more and more anxious as the weather is warming up. I need to force myself not to plant everything outside right now. But better over-prepared than under-prepared.
I'm planning for the last frost date to be around May 11th-21st. Leaving us Zone 4's only 60 days or so until we can plant 80% of our seeds.
I have started an account of this years activities on indoor and outdoor planting. Being that I am fairly new at this, I started very early with peppers and some flower types that require starting 8-12 weeks BLF (before last frost). I am okay with this seeing that peppers take a long time to grow to their fullest potential.

I would like to keep track of what I bought from where:

I had a busy weekend.
March 18th-21st--
Started 2nd set of Peppers-Red and Green Bell Peppers((Burpee) along with a hot pepper mix(burpee) consisting of the following:Anehime, Hungarian Wax, Red Long Cayenne, Ancho and Jalepeno,( possibly large cherry peppers as well but It wasn't very clear.

Inside I started a few Zucchini Plants(Burpee), 3 Watermelon Plants(PS), Hollyhock-Pink(T&M), Checker Poppies(T&M), Bergenia Rose(PS),Hibiscus-Disco Bell Mix(PS), Scarlet O'Hara-Morning Glory(PS).

Also, planted 2 different types of Cold Weather Lettuce(T&M,Burpee), Snow Peas(T&M) and Sweet Peas-Miss Willmott(T&M) directly in the garden.

(My Morning Glory Vine)

I soaked the Sweet peas, Hibiscus and Scarlet O' Hara-Morning glory in water overnight before planting to encourage germination.

After taking a look to see what else was coming up for spring, I found 4 or 5 daylilies behind our garage that I had not transplanted last year, I moved them to the same spot as our growing tulips.

I found some Irises(I think) behind the garage which I also moved to my spring blooming flower bed.

Regarding the bulbs that I think are Irises, we have some bulbs that are leftover from whoever lived there last which I am thinking are Irises based on the foliage that has started to grow. However they are long bulbs with multiple lumps which I am ASSUMING is the flowers multiplication process from not being separated for years. I should post pictures and see what people think. Granted, I will know in a few months if they really are Irises. Regardless, I transplanted them to the same spot as the Tulips and Daylilies. After looking at this site, I am almost positive I am looking at Irises.

Now recognizing my Irises, I found a great article on dividing them as well as making sure they are taken care of (Iris Borer damage). I know mine are in need of this because the ends of some were soft and rotted.

I am so glad the last people that lived here left me some gifts, I bet they didn't know how much they would actually be appreciated!

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