Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worried About Plants

I’m trying to think happy thoughts here. I’ve had a heck of a night and quit the crappy morning. Last night Derek and I ran out to the garden plot at about 9 pm to put in a fence. Unfortunately it looks like we were a day too late. One of my pumpkin plants is completely eaten, missing a few leaves on the other one, a few pepper plants are done for as well as one of my cucumbers. I knew it would happen, I’m on the corner closest to the woods and the only plot nearby without a full fence. I feel like I was given a warning because it could have been much worse.

We installed what we could last night while being chewed on by mosquitoes. I didn’t have enough fencing to finish but there’s only a 2 foot gap between my fence and the tall contraption/fence of my neighboring gardener. I went to Menard's right before they closed last night to get a few more posts and the last of what I needed for fencing with a plan to get up at 5 and go install the remainder while also heightening the existing fence I put in. I think I bought 3 foot chicken wire before so it’s not very tall and I’m still worried they will be able to get at whatever they please. It’s all or nothing. You can do all this work but if you don’t do it exactly right, they can walk right in and it’s all pointless and your plants are gone.

My alarm went off at 5 AM, I got up, ready to go. I loaded the car with a shovel, posts, fencing, wire ties and went to grab the wire cutters. Nowhere to be found. I made the mistake of handing them to Derek at one point and now they’re gone. He nor I have any clue where they went. My garden sits vulnerable and possibly more damaged and now I’m at work hoping and nervous about the state of my plants. I already have to replace some veggies and would hate to have to spend a bunch of money again because I couldn’t find those darned wire cutters.

I wish I could go home after work like normal people and take care of things like everyone else can but instead I have school until 8:30, home at 9. Not my best day, I’m sure to most normal people think it’s silly to get so stressed out about plants but give me a break. I’ve been babying peppers since March and spend lots of time and money and thoughts on these silly plants.

Wish me luck that the deer will stay away.


  1. If you're worried that the fence won't be enough, you could try either Irish Spring soap or human hair. My mom has used both with her hostas and it has worked for rabbits and deer.
    With the soap she flakes it and wraps it in cheese cloth or mesh and nestles it in among the plants.
    As for hair, you can usually get clippings from hairdressers (just go ask in advance and they might save you some). It seems kinda creepy, but the animals don't like eating things that smell like people, so if you lay some down on the ground or lean it on the leaves it should help.

    Good luck! I sympathise with your worrying; we just put our tomato plants in (started them way late) and they look so small and fragile! And our lettuces are just itty bitty sprouts right now. Neighbourhood cats really enjoy digging in our little garden patch and I've seen bunnies all over, so I'm always afraid for the new greens. Last year our tomatoes shaded the lettuce too much for it to grow a lot, and rabbits got what little managed to actually start getting bigger. Sigh.
    It's stressful cause you can only do so much for them, and random chance can take them away.

  2. Good luck with the deer!

    My aunt up north has 7 foot electric fences to keep them at bay.

    Do you see the deer? Buy yourself (or Derek) a slingshot and let him scare them away. Works (sort of) for squirrels.

  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your plants. I don't think you are being silly at all. I know what it's like to start seeds when it's still cold out. Feeling like you are so over winter and daydreaming about the garden you are going to have this year. A lot of work goes into all of this and it's really sad and discouraging when something just comes along and destroys it all. I deal with a lot of critters out here too. I used to think rabbits were a lot cuter before I started trying to grow things!