Monday, June 13, 2011

Now I'm Playing Hardball

With the Rabbits and Deer that is.
After damages to my plants the first time last week, all I needed was some more fencing and time. I visited the garden again Friday to find four more peppers without their tops (they had peppers on them already too) and my tomatoes were nibbled on. I was furious but as I had told Derek. Unless you fence it perfectly, you might as well not fence it at all. I hadn’t had time to dig the fence under so it sat there wide open for bunnies to peak their little heads through. Friday night I bought two more six packs of peppers for half off. Two more jalapenos, two habaneros, 2 big berthas and a mix of six different bells, some yellow and red/green. I also got moth balls, and deer and rabbit repellent. I am serious now, I won’t have more fatalities. Saturday I planted out the peppers and then set to digging under the fence as well as adding another 3 feet to the height. My plot wasn’t plowed completely when I started so I had a good two feet of crab grass with runners all over. After digging all of that up, I buried the fence, filled it back in and sorted through all the dirt for the runners so I don’t have a huge weed problem the rest of the year. I didn’t plan on being out there for 3 hours so I ended up with quite the burn.
I still have so many projects to do but I’ve been juggling moving, painting, organizing, planting and gardening. My next outdoor project, finally is the front plots. I need to get some sand out of there, then put some good dirt in then plant away. As posted earlier, I have so many plants to move over from the old house so I need to get started asap! While I was moving some things from the old house, I grabbed some of the blooms and made this cute little bouquet.
I cannot wait till these are growing in my own yard that I can pick every morning if I want. So exciting!
More pictures to come maybe later tonight. My work decided to ban us from use of personal email so I can't really post at lunch anymore.  Oh well.


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  1. Wow sounds like you mean business! Good luck with the deer and rabbits. They are so frustrating. Beautiful flowers! I've been dreaming of having a cutting garden, but I don't think it's going to happen this year.