Thursday, June 2, 2011

225 Plants?!

Wow I have a lot of work ahead of me.  I'm trying to get organized and plan my front and back garden spots where the rock currently is.  I used my memory and this blog to tally up just how many plants and what kinds I have at the old house that need to come to the new house.  That's how I came up with 225 and I am absolutely positive that is a low number compared to what it really is.  How the heck did I accumulate 225 plants and where on earth am I going to put them all?

I have drawn up a rough and embarrassing sketch of the front and back planting spots and plan to divide out the plants by height, color and necessity (shade/sun).  Where on earth do I start?
I'm going to make a list on here for my own reference and so you can see what a ridiculous chore I have in front of me:
Hostas x 13
Foxglove x 6
Purple Coneflower x 5
Lupine x 7
Daylilies x 16
Phlox x 2
Aster x 2
Bee Balm x 3
Columbine x 5
Lillies x 12
Misc. flower started 10’ x 5
Tulips x 12
Dianthus x1
Mixed spring bulbs x 40
Iris x 18
Rose x 1
Hibiscus x 6
Ornamental Strawberry x 6
Baby’s Breath? X 3
Rose of Sharon x 1 (if not dead)
Salvia x 2
Squigly grass stuff x 1
Evening Primrose (if not dead) X 1
Flowering perennial bush x 2
Yellowing flowering perennial x 1
Hollyhock x 6
Delphinium seedlings x 7
Red, White, Blue Hydrangea x3
Jack in the pulpit x 5
Trillium x 4
Spiderwort x 4
Lamium x 4
Strawberries x 6
Raspberries x 3
Rhubarb x 2
Snow something

Some of these may end up in a plant sale when we have our garage sale or maybe I'll just give a bunch away whenever I get a chance.  What I don't have included on there is all of the flowers I started this year, some of which have died since I forgot we don't have gutters in a certain spot of the house where my poppies were sitting.  If those survive I have 4 or 5 different kinds of poppies, snap dragons, carnations, penstemon and coreopsis.  Yes thank goodness some of those are annuals but that adds up fast as well being that I have 8 or so of each. 

Once I get my little drawing all sketched in with plants maybe I'll post those, in the meantime I am studying this website to better design my perennial gardens.

Of course I forgot 3 or 4 peonies. How I'm not sure.

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  1. 225 plants?!? Now I'm jealous! I'm a fan of that website for design inspiration as well.