Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Charts and Estimated Maturity Dates

Went to the plot last night.  Everything looks wonderful, no more plant eater problems (yet) and all my plants are getting so big.  I have blooms on my tomatoes, cantaloupe, and peppers.  I can't believe they're already producing this early but I'll take it.  I'm thinking buying grown plants or starting everything is really the way to go.

I am so obsessed.  I just took about an hour figuring out when I planted everything, what their maturity dates are and when I should have produce.  Woooow.  But here they are though they're all in theory and with the weird weather we had I believe some things are simply not going to work like they were supposed to.

Jun 10: Broccoli(old)
Jun 25: Carrots (old)
Jun 26: Musclun
Jun 30: Head lettuce(old)
Jul 10: Dill(new)
Jul 18: Summer Squash, Zucchini
Jul 20: Cucumber Pickle
Jul 23: Cucumber Champion
Jul 25: Onion Sets(old)
Jul 31: Basil(plot), Bush Wax Bean(new), Dill(new)
Aug 2: Pole Bean
Aug 5: Carrots (new), Sweet pea(new)
Aug 7: Tomato
Aug 8: Corn
Aug 10: Peppers(new/plot)
Aug 15: Roma Tomato
Aug 20: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew
Aug 27: Pumpkin

The ( ) are to remind me which location they are at considering I have 3 different places with veggies.
Maturity Estimates:
April 16: (horizon)

Carrots: 70 Days
Onion Set: 100-120 Days
Broccoli: 55 Days
Head Lettuce: 75 Days

May 27: (raised bed)
Carrots: 70 Days
Peppers: 75 Days
Sweet Pea: 55-70 Days
Lettuce/Musclun: 30 Days
Bush Wax Beans: 65 Days
June 1: (raised bed)
Dill: 40-60 Days

May 29: (garden plot)
Corn: 71 days
Pole Beans: 65 days
Cucumber- Picklebush: 52 Days
Cucumber: Bush Champion: 55 Days
Peppers: 75 Days
Pumpkins: 90 Days
Summer Squash: 50 Days
Zucchini: 50 Days
Mtg Lifter Tomato: 70 Days
Rutgers Tomato: 70-80 Days

June 1: (garden plot)

Watermelon Sugar Baby: 80 Days
Cantaloupe: 82 Days
Honeydew: 80 Days
Basil: 60-90 Days
Roma Tomato: 75 Days

June 7: (garden plot)

Cucumber: Bush Champion: 55 Days
Watermelon Sugar Baby: 80 Days

June 11: (garden plot)

Peppers: 75 Days (garden plot)

Although this is useless information for everyone else, it is good for me to be able to look back throughout the summer and be able to compare what was supposed to happen to what really happened.  I think it's fun anyways.

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