Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Shopping

Just ordered a few new things for the garden. I decided to check out Michigan Bulb Co. for some actual plants vs. seeds, which I try to avoid doing. With some plants, it's just a better idea to buy a started plant. These new plants consist of an Original Bleeding Heart plant for along the garage with the ferns. This spot gets no direct sunlight (if only an hour maybe) and needs some color. I also purchased a few new Hibiscus plants-6 total--Perennials Including this Sub Zero Hibiscus mix including light blues, reds, pinks, dark reds and purples and a Hardy Perennial mix of reds, pinks, and whites. I found a deal for buy 12 get 12 free for Mixed Dutch Irises which will be wonderful!

I also found a deal for 3 strawberry plants for $3 something and some cheap onion sets. Lastly (if I remember right) I finally got a lilac bush for the backyard, though I may try to convince my boyfriend to let me put it in the front yard, we'll see. I have wanted a lilac bush for years, I am glad I finally have gotten one.
These should all ship within a few weeks. Being that they are plants, they have to wait until mid april or so but I will try to be patient. I am also waiting on some garlic and a white raspberry plant which should also come soon. So Exciting!

As for my plants and plans for this last weekend to get a lot done, we're making our way slowly to having the front grow spot ready. Derek and I pulled out 90 percent of the roots from the old large bushes. We are almost done which is exciting. I can't wait to have flowers growing there because it looks very dull and bare now. Our nosy neighbors asked what we were doing in that nice but obviously worried tone. "You going to plant flowers there?" which was meant in the "you better be doing something there!" kind of way. But yes of course we are and I can't wait for him to be impressed by the Hibiscus and Gladiolus and a million other flowers this year.

I forgot to mention I splurged the other day and bought one of each-red tulip, white/orange daffodil, pink hyacinth, just to add some different color to my small spring flower display. Along with that I got 2 rose bushes. If I remember right, they are both Hybrid Tea Roses, one is orange/pink/white, the other is scarlet colored red. I hope they grow fine, this is my first time with roses and they were pretty cheap. Wish me luck and cross your fingers. :)

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