Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mail-Order Plants

I received my plants from Michigan Bulb Co. yesterday. This is the first time I have gotten actual plants (not seeds)mailed to me. Not what I was expecting except for my lilac bush. I planted everything yesterday except the bush. I put the strawberries with my original strawberry plant and onions next to that. I also pulled some hostas out of the ground and moved them to a boring spot that nothing else can grow in. I tilled some of the front where a mojority of the flowers will be planted. I planted my new old fashion bleeding heart as well as the 6 new hibiscus plants. Last but not least I put all 24 Iris bulbs in the ground. I'm unsure if they will come up this year or not...maybe not until summer, we shall see.

I took some string and created a ladder for the peas to grow on and transplanted the sweet peas that I had started indoors, they aren't looking too healthy but hopefully will be fine. The rose bushes, lettuce and sweet peas that are planted outside have quite a bit of growth, it is exciting!

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