Monday, April 12, 2010

Seed Shopping Tip

I'd like to give a little hint to all of you internet users. If you are ever shopping online at Park Seed, Burpee, Michigan Bulb Co. or anywhere else (even not for seeds), take a second before you check out and pull up a google screen. Type in whatever website you are using and the words "Coupon Code" There is generally something for (virtually) every website out there. My last order with Michigan Bulb Co. I did this and saved myself $20 on a $45 order, just for looking it up. You can often get free shipping, half off products, free with purchase products or percentages off the entire order. I have probably saved myself 300 dollars this year alone(so far) from doing this. Granted it makes me want to buy more but that's my own problem ;)

Here are some current coupons out there for the websites I use, Enjoy:
Park Seed
Michigan Bulb Co.
Thompson and Morgan
Johnny's Selected Seeds
Harris Seeds

Hope this helps.
Some may not work everytime, but it's always worth the few seconds it takes. Anything I can do to help out my fellow seed/plant shoppers.

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