Monday, May 10, 2010

May Weekend Freeze, Why Minnesota?

As a little reminder to myself, these are the bulbs that I will need to pull up before winter:
2 Cana bulbs
6 Calla Bulbs
84 Gladiolus Bulbs (about)
15 Dahlia Bulbs (about)
20 Peacock Orchid
20-30 Fairy Lily
15 Ranunculus
40 Double Anemones
20 Twinkle Toes

Before Jumping into the real reason I'm writing this post, I'd like to put up some pictures from around my garden that I've been meaning to get to for a week or so. And for the record, these looked much better before I uploaded them to snapfish:

I know this looks terrible with all of the weeds but I assure you those are gone now. I didn't have time before but it has been taken care of :)

I'm worried this little bloom will be dead now because of the frost.

I got to use some of this lettuce last night on my tacos, how exciting!

I am very worried from the freezing this weekend. I don't have a whole lot out but a few things are finally starting to come up. Well, before yesterday I didn't have too much out, and whatever is out is mostly perennials. Since the weather was nice yesterday afternoon though, I ended up planting a whole lot of stuff. I'm curious though if I need to worry or not. They were from seeds, I didn't put any seedlings out so am I safe? I have no idea. I again wonder why I still live in Minnesota.
I took a few pictures last weekend though. Lots of things are happening out there though. I can't wait for the weather to warm back up. My raspberries are starting to bud along with my Hibiscus. Flowers on my strawberries, a few tips poking out from gladiolus bulbs(one of the things I'm worried about), a few sprouts of which I hope to be Violas, carrots, broccoli and the wildflowers I planted. We'll see though. I just hope everything survived but I won't know for awhile.
Friday night I heard there could be a freeze so I gathered my buckets and boxes and bags and covered the things I was worried about. I uncovered everything on Saturday around noon, thinking we were in the clear as the forecast Friday predicted warmer weather Sunday night. Apparently I need to check into this more often because I had no clue whatsoever that it would freeze Sunday. Luckily, I had been hardening plants off for the last couple weeks and decided to bring them in since it was fairly cold...thinking I was just being safe. Well had I known, I would have been out there covering everything. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about it now. Just wait and hope.

Things I planted yesterday(that I remember):
Sweet Corn
Zucchini (burpee and T&M)
Pumpkin (burpee)
2 Canna Lilies
Columbine Barlow Mix
Chianti Sunflower
Aztec Gold Sunflower
Taiyo Sunflower
Johnny Jump Up

(and the week of april 25th included: Coneflower, Lupine, Pink hollyhock, Gaillardia, Oriental Poppy-Red, Broccoli, Garlic, Carrots)

On a better note, my two shipments from Gurney's and Michigan Bulb Co. are sitting on my doorstep as I type. I have a bunch of goodies in there:
Hardy Carnations
Double Anemones
White Bleeding Heart
Fairy Lilies
Peacock Orchid
Dwarf Pomegranate Tree

Michigan Bulb Co. Emailed me back about my dead bleeding heart and strawberry and has already shipped the new items. It's nice to see a company actually functions like they say they will. Thanks guys.

I also got some seeds from them as well. I can't wait to get them into the ground but I will be patient and wait for this icky weather to pass. In the meantime, I will purchase any cheap cheap sheets I run across, in case the weather drops again. I will be prepared and be better at checking the weather every day and night.

This is the only Iris I have that is showing buds.

I believe this is Creeping Baby's Breath. I got it last year after the blooms were gone so I don't remember what it really is now.

Best of luck to those of you in Minnesota!!! Or in the north in general.


  1. Tina I'm so frigging impressed with all your planting! You must not even have any grass! We put some lettuce and pea seeds in the other day, even though there's supposed to be more frost/freeze. Nothing's guaranteed before May 24, they always say... But I think seeds should be alright.

    Hoping our veggies do okay. Somebody's dog was nosing in the dirt today, and there were kitty foot prints the other day too. Plus the peas really only get sun for half the day, and the lettuce is part-sun at best.
    Oh well, doing what we can with what we've got in the city. Going to get some nice shade perennials for the back soon, since now we've just got whatever someone put in countless years ago (lily of the valley, mostly).

    Hope your new Bleeding Heart turns out okay, I saw some gorgeous ones today! I wanna see pictures of the whole garden!

  2. Well thanks!

    I'm sure your lettuce and peas will be fine, mine are in the same conditions and they are doing great (as you can see).

    We had a freeze this weekend too but I was told seeds will be fine, it's new growth that you should worry peas and lettuce should hold up to freezing temps, they're cold weather crops.

    I'm so jealous of your lily of the valley! Thats on my plant wish list for next year. We were lucky enough to have some leftover plants from whoever lived here before too. Mainly just LOTS of hostas, daylilys, chives, tulips and some iris that aren't doing much. How nice of them to leave little presents for us :)