Friday, May 7, 2010

Iris Issues

I have one flower bud total on all of the Iris in my yard. This I thought was strange because even the 5 or 6 Iris that I did not move this spring, do not have any buds, just foliage. The I did a little research on GardenWeb and found out it is PROBABLY because they are planted too deeply, AND need to be divided. The ones that were already here when I moved in were rhizomes. I moved these before I had done my research, just got excited and put them somewhere I would be able to look at them. I do remember there being some rotted parts that I would have removed had I known better, and some are quite long with multiple bumps that should have been split. Silly me. Now I am debating if I should wait until they die off to divide them or to just do it now and see what happens. It's not like I spent money on them, they were just in my yard already so why not take the risk? The foliage is already about a foot and a half tall, and there is definitely nothing going on there. I will leave the one with one bud on it, even though it will look awfuly funny.

I planted those Dutch Iris too that apparently come from bulbs instead of Rhizomes, who knew the same type of plant could come from something completely different. Kinda cool actually.

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