Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Photo Post day #2

The first peas of the season! I'm very excited for this because I was afraid that the peas I planted wouldn't come up since they were in the wrong zone. Needless to say, I planted sweet peas over them...we'll see what happends with that but at least I'll have peas early, I planted another 2 rows of peas last week.

I'm not sure what this is. I planted it back in February and lost track since options basically are Pansy, Berginia Rose, Poppy, Hollyhock. There's a few I thought I could throw out but now I'm just not sure what it is.

One of the 2 raspberries that started growing, according to the company, I will get berries this year. According to how fast it's growing, it seems accurate.

Pumpkins, these weren't even out of the ground the day before, now they're huge!

Onions, possibly planted too close but it's going to look chaotic no matter what.

Lettuce, doing great but a little too early to harvest a whole lot.

Hibiscus started from a bareroot plant. Doing great!

Garlic, looks like I wasn't looking when I planted these, they're kinda all over the place. Behind it I planted 2nd round of peas and some beans to climb up the fence.

Ornamental Strawberry with a visiting friend.


Dahlia 2 of 15 have come up and these are big, that's all I have so far, I'm worried...


Convolvulus, Just planted on Thursday to climb up the fence and shade the hostas, also to make a nice transition with the tall flowers in the front.

The Chives bloomed last week. I don't really use these so they're just decoration.

The first of the beans came up. This is a Dragon Tounge. I'm excited!

I'll try to update next week. No time now except for pictures. :)

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