Monday, March 12, 2012

Seeds Ordered and An Update On My Life

I have purchased $120 in seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I've never planted heirloom seeds before and still don't know a lot about them but I plan to learn this year.

As for my life, everything has changed since last summer but for the better I would say.  My eyes have opened up to whole new experiences and opportunities.  I am no longer engaged but I do still own a house in Fridley.  I now live in a small apartment in Wisconsin with my sister which means no gardening there.  Obviously that won't stop me from planting my little heart out. 
I plan to help my ex with the landscaping in Fridley. I welcome the opportunity to work on different spaces all summer.  My current boyfriend lives on a large chunk of land in the valleys of western Wisconsin. Their property is right on a river and the entire place is one giant project.  There's a lagoon that needs much tending too and I hope to add some beauty to it this summer with lillys and hostas, hibiscus and anything else my flower-obsessed self wants to see this summer.  The plan is to make some large planters for around the pond/lagoon because it's almost completely rock out there.  Him and I make pottery together at his neighbors house who is a retired ceramics professor.  So the sky is the limit with some nice looking planters.  That's a few big jobs right there.  Other than that, my boyfriend and his best friend spent all of last summer building raised garden beds.  Sixteen if I remember right.  They also have a large space fenced off to keep the deer (and dogs) out that will be used for squash and melons.

As for my boyfriend, when it comes to plants, he is very much like me.  Research everything.  And he's crazy about vegetables and even more crazy about all the fun stuff you can cook with different kinds of this or that.  It's so nice to share my passion with someone and bounce ideas off each other and introduce each other to new things/plants/flowers/foods.  It will make for a interesting and fun summer.  I cannot wait, though it seems I won't have to wait long considering it is March 12 and it's raining with 70's on the forecast for this week.

Summer here we come.

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