Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Think I got a little too excited

Well I already threw my gladiolus in the ground. I'm sure it will freeze again a few times at least but I'm not going to worry about it. We are officially moving this summer to our new house so I have a strange transition time. I can start planting at my new house May 20th. According to my blog from last year, that's about when I started to put stuff outside so I guess it will be kind of perfect. I'm not going to be too attached to those glads since they're last year's bulbs and I hear it's tough to get a good, big second year bloom out of them. I'll probably end up at menards or online buying a bag of 200 or something ridiculous like that.

I got my lettuce, peas and brocoli that I will plant at my house now since we'll still be there for the cold season. I'll do that this weekend.

First blooms of my SUPER-MINI flowers that I planted last fall. Cut little buggers too, they only open once the sun touches them. They are yellow, purple blue and white and I'm serious they so itty-bitty! The tulips, daylilies and irises are growing fast and the violas bloomed a few weeks ago too but they can withstand anything, who knows it looks like they were bloomed underneath the snow. Crazy lil' flowers.

I have rented the garden plot like I said I would so this year I hope to succesfully plant and harvest Zuccini, watermelon, peppers, cucumbers(maybe), corn and who knows what else.

Last little comment for the day, I'm getting married and picked out a bunch of flowers that will bloom my wedding colors. I have lots of peony poppies and things of the like started inside right now along with green and mixed peppers. Can't wait for those to go in the ground... I found black poppy, black hollyhock, red carnations, red peony poppy. Stuff like that. OH and snap dragons! Yay!

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