Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pictures from the garden

First forming tomato of the season

One of many many peppers

I have two rosebuds on my tiny rose bush that I didn't think would do anything yet this year!

Wildflower, not sure what it is.

Don't know what this guy is either, grows on a 2-3 foot plant with this tiny little bloom.


Can't think of the name of this either, got it last year when it was tiny, then it grew 3/4 it's size and bloomed this year. So cute

Cathedral bells

Cana Lily, only one came up

Calla lily

Beans, Cathedral Bells, Convulvous and Nasturtium


  1. I'm pretty sure the 4th picture down is a bachelor button. Mine haven't bloomed yet.

  2. They definately look like it, I have quite a few that haven't bloomed yet. Thanks for the help!